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Best of Southern California #1 Korean BBQ

No.1 Korean B.B.Q. restaurant now serve in Alhambra! We serve lots of Korean B.B.Q. in very authentic style. You are not going to be disappointed! As many years we have served lots of Korean customers in Korea Town in L.A, We guarantee the taste of the meat and the family atmosphere for your special dinner.

Korean B.B.Q.

Korean Food Recommendation

Authentic Mexican Barbacoa
All You Can Eat
Plate with Taco
Chef's special
Beef Fajitas with colorful bell
Chef's special

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Great service. Food is very good. Glad there's a good ACE Korean B.B.Q.on this side of town. This will be my go-to spot for AYCE korean bbq. Good variety of selections. I didn't get to try everything but a good amount. Must-try items:

Mei L.

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I am so glad that there are All you can eat KBBQ places popping all over Alhambra and Monterey Park. I no longer have to drive in that horrible downtown traffic when I have a KBBQ Craving!

Anita L.

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Authentic KOREAN B.B.Q.

Do you feel hungry for good food and festive mood, while living in or visiting the beautiful city of California?

I invite you to my family Korean B.B.Q. restaurant, filled with authentic Korean B.B.Q. and drinks, just as well as the festive, Southern atmosphere and interior!

Be my guest today!

Side Dishes

Road to Seoul is livid, bright and festive not just in a culinary way, but in regard to our atmosphere and interior too!

We serve a lot of dishes for your tastes!